Article of Open Journal of Statistics and Probability 


Couto I.M.C1; Bento M.V.B.N.S2; Lemos F.S3; Fernandes G.A.S4; Silva M.G. M.S5; Monteiro E.M.L.M6.
1,2,3,4,5 Estudantes do Curso de Enfermagem – UFPE; 6Docente/Pesquisadora do Departamento de Enfermagem da UFPE.

The Circle of Culture is characterized by dialogue, interdisciplinarity and the recovery the learn popular, considering the various subjects in its complexity, emotional, social and cultural, policy. Understand the experience by teenagers, in school, Culture Circles of Leprosy. this study it‟s type descriptive-exploratory study of qualitive approach, realised with teenagers in school 12 to 18 years, against the backdrop of two study State school of Pernambunco: Timbí School, in Camaragibe and School Teacher Leal de Barros, in Recife. The datas were collected between April and June of 2015 by semi-structured interview, using the method of the collective subject discourse. The Circles of Culture provide to the teenager in school pleasant experience to led to a systematic learning and pleasure consequente to the role of the education process. The experience provide changes of posture in curriculum subjects, in the personal life, in the family and in the community, multiplying knowledge seized. The Circles of Culture stimulated the autonomy to of school teenager to act in aid of the community in building skills, abilities and attitudes that contributed to the full exercise of life recognizing its role as being active, conscious critical, social worker of change.

Adolescent; Health Education; Leprosy; School health

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