Article of Open Journal of Maternal and Child Health 

To Bring Health Education through Active Approach in Preventing Leprosy in Prostitutes

Melo F.M.1; Melo A.B.2; Nascimento K.C.3; Angelo J.M.4; Araújo W.J.S.4; Riscado J.L.S.6
1Cirurgião Dentista Especialista; 2Discente do curso de Odontologia -Uninassau, 3Enfermeira especialista/Docente – Uninassau, Discente do curso de Odontologia -Uninassau, 4Enfermeiro Especialista, Preceptor-Uninassau, 5Fisioterapeuta, Especialista da Pestalozzi, Psicólogo, Doutor, Docente UFAL/FAMED

Leprosyis a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, primarily affects the skin, peripheral nerves and mucous membranes. Being a chronic infectious process high magnitude, a more comprehensive approach should be made to control leprosy, in-serting the issue of oral health in the comprehensive care of perspective with health pro-motion action seven in environments conducive to infection as the sex workers working environment. This study aims to bring health education through active approach in pre-venting leprosy in prostitutes, but also check the knowledge of prostitutes about the pre-vention of leprosy and investigate how they are preventing them. This is an account of health education experience through active methodology performed in a brothel in Octo-ber 2016, through health education, with 10 sex workers. After the sex workers be grouped into four stages: First: Who are we? Second: what are we doing here? Third: problem situation. What is this disease? Fourth: Summarizing the problems. It was ob-served that prostitutes know little about the presented disease, signs, symptoms, modes of transmission. Their type of work and working environment are factors that exposes them most vulnerable situations in relation to leprosy.

Leprosy; Prevention; Prostitutes; Oral Health

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