Article of Open Journal of Educational Research and Reviews 

Instruments for Personality Disorders Evaluation

Menezes A.C.S1; Oliveira J.Q2; Sá L.A3; Guimarães L.A.C4; Andrade J.M5
1,2,3 Estudante do Curso de Pós-Graduação em Modelos de Decisão e Saúde – UFPB; 4 Mestre em Modelos de Decisão e Saúde-UFPB; 5Docente/Pesquisador do Departamento de Psicologia - UFPB

It is offered tools for the assessment of psychological constructs, such as the personality and its disorders, to Mental Health Professionals. Thus, it is pertinent to analyze which instruments / scales have been constructed and available for clinical use and research. Therefore, this study aimed to consult national and international literature about the instruments for Personality Disorders evaluation. Relevant databases were consulted in the area, and the search was restricted to the last 5 years of publication. It has been observed that, of the 14 instruments found, 2 assessed the TP borderline, 5 assessed the TP Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (two with the Portuguese version) and 6 instruments focused on the assessment of all TP groups, and three measures validated for the Brazilian context. One was built in Brazil in 2008 (with psychometric properties verified in 2011) and the other in 2016. This data is consistent with the evidence of lack of instruments to assess pathological personality and those with diagnostic disorders personality purposes in the national context.

Personality disorder; Instruments; Evaluation; Mental health

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