Article of International Journal of Parasitic Diseases 


Oliveira A.R.C1; Raimundo M.A2; Silva J.M3; Silva J.C.N4; Silva N.M5; Ferreira U.L6
1,2,3,4,5Graduados do Curso de Licenciatura em Ciências Biológicas do Campus Mata Norte – UPE;, 6Docente/Pesquisadora do Curso de Licenciatura em Ciências Biológicas Campus Mata Norte-UPE

In Brasil, the acarology has been studied in the importante economical áreas such as veterinary and human. Since these species are related to alergy, rinitis, conjuntivitis among other. The NE levels of information about the organisms took us to achieve new researches with the propose to confirm these species presence in Macaparana city, describing the number of acarinis species found and enlarged the data about them. With this focus, we achieve archeology survey from home poder colected in Macaparana city. In Pernambuco by using the vacunm cleaner with discarded bags. It was chosen 04 residences inthe refered city. Apter colecting, the respective material was sent to a biotecnology laboratory in Mata Norte Campus/UPE. The coleted power was catched, fixed ande identified with the specific taxonomic key. It was foud fourteen mites but eight from Blomia gender ando ne no identified by quantitative poder fixed with mite. The obtained results took us to conclude the biggest incidence of mites species is the Blomia tropicallis quoted in the literature as the provoked human illness.

Mites; Illness; Alergy; Blomia; Dermatophagoides

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