Article of International Journal of Parasitic Diseases 

The Importance of Health Education in Prevention of Ascaris Lumbricoides in Children

Neves, E.A.O1, Soares, A.L2, Souza, I.F.A.C3, Neves, L.N.S4
1,2Acadêmica do Curso de Biomedicina da Faculdade Integrada de Pernambuco – FACIPE; 3Doutor em Ciências Biológicas e Docente da Faculdade Integrada de Pernambuco – FACIPE; 4Especialista em Educação em Enfermagem pela UFPE.

Ascaridíase is an enteroparasitose that has as etiological agent the Ascaris lumbricoides. This disease has world geographical distribution, however it is more evidenced at countries that are still in development, like Brazil, due to the infrastructure lack and basic sanitation, where the services of Public Health are not so efficient and for that it favors the spread of the parasite. It is known that the class of the poorest population is the most affected for that pathology, which is in precarious situations affecting, mainly, children, being considered, therefore, a serious problem of public health. Still allying the low level of knowledge of most of the Brazilian population on the way of transmission of that disease that happens through the hands, water and polluted foods with feces. If doing then necessary to have a good sanitary education so that there are not contamination or reinfecção for this parasite.

Parasitoses in children, sanitary education in Brazil, infantile enteroparasitoses, ascaridíase;

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