Article of International Journal of Disease Control and Prevention 


Silva T. J1; Silva E.AJ2.
1Estudante do Curso de Enfermagem-UPE; 2Mestrando em Ciência da Educação ESEAG - Escola Superior Almeida Garrett-LisboaPortugal, Especialista em Informática em Saúde-UNIFESP; Psicólogo Voluntário do DIP-Departamento de Doenças Infecto Parasitárias do Hospital das Clínicas-UFPE, Docente da Pós- Graduação da Faculdade Metropolitana do Grande Recife.

Tuberculosis is a serious public health problem with deep social roots. Brazil has an incidence and mortality of 33.5 and 2.3 per 100,000 inhabitants, about being reported 70.000 new cases and 4, 6 deaths, 1st cause of death for patients with AIDS. This article has the objective to analyze the impact of TB and points out some preventive solutions by working Network. The methodology used was literature and then was carried out of the data. The results showed that TB has color/race: most patients (57.5 %) are the black population, 45 % mixed race, a higher percentage of abandonment of treatment (13.8 %) and black population and a lower percentage of cure, and 67.6 % to 65.7 % for brown and black. health education work proves to be an important tool for contributions with new methods, practices, technology in different contexts.

Education, Prevention; Network Resolutivity; Tuberculosis;

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