Article of Global Journal of Health Education 

To understand Leprosy

Silva K. K1; Dantas M. F2, D’Angelo E. R3
1,2Estudantes do Curso de Fisioterapia– IBGM; 3Mestre em Gerontologia-UFPE

Leprosy is a disease of prolonged course with potentially incapacitating. Caused by mycobacterium leprae causing a chronic infection, affecting mainly the poorest sections of the population and presenting is endemic in all Brazilian regions. The appearance of white spots and loss of sensitivity are characteristics of this pathology, combined with hyperthermia. It is a leprosy of the main causes of peripheral neuropathies and functional disabilities in Brazil and worldwide. Hiding the disease is common as the psychological impact caused by the physical consequences of the disease, contributing to decreased self-esteem and self segregation of leprosy as the disease when diagnosed and treated late, can cause physical disability in the eyes, hands and feet, causing serious consequences for patients and their families, not only for the injuries and disabilities, but also by prejudice, fear and rejection by society¹.

Atenção Básica; Fisioterapia; Hanseníase.

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