Article of Global Journal of Case Reports 

Active methodologies for Neglected diseases in transgender women

Melo F.M1; Nascimento K.C2; Costa T.I.S3; Angelo J.M4; Araújo W.J.S5; Riscado J.L.S6.
1Cirurgião Dentista Especialista; 2Enfermeira Especialista/Docente – Uninassau; 3Discente do Ccurso de Enfermagem – Uninassau; 4Enfermeiro Especialista, Preceptor-Uninassau; 5Fisioterapeuta, Especialista da Pestalozzi; 6Psicólogo, Doutor, Docente UFAL/FAMED.

Neglected diseases are those caused by infectious agents or parasites and are considered endemic in low-income populations.Transgender women are subject to strong social stigma, with health vulnerability in relation to neglected diseases. The teaching with active methodology emerges as a good health promotion mechanism for that group. This study aims to bring health education through active approach in preventing neglected diseases in transgender women, but also check their knowledge about the prevention and investigate how they are preventing them. This is an account of health education experience through active methodology performed in a theather in October 2016, through health education, with 05transgenderwomen. The transgender women were grouped into four stages: First: Who are we? Second: what are we doing here? Third: problem situation. What are these diseases? Fourth: Summarizing the problems. It was observed that the transex women know a little about the presented diseases, signs, symptoms, modes of transmission. Their type of work and working environment are factors that exposes them most vulnerable situations in relation to neglected diseases.

Neglected diseases; Active methodologies; Transsexuals

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