Article of Global Journal of Case Reports 

Popular Education as Prevention of Diarrhea

Nascimento K.C1, Melo F.M2, Silva M.D.F3, Cordeiro C.4, Araújo W.J. S5 Riscado J.L.S6
1Enfermeira Especialista/Docente - Uninassau; 2Cirurgião Dentista Especialista, 3Discente do Curso de Enfermagem -Uninassau, 4Discente do Curso de Enfermagem UFAL, 5Fisioterapeuta, Especialista da Pestalozzi, Psicólogo, Doutor, Docente UFAL/FAMED

How to look paragraph os mode setting one understand the meaning of his "occupation" in a place with poor conditions and quality of life particular concern this settlement? this study aims to carry a health popular education diarrhoea prevention, aos settlers to settlement joaquim gomes, alagoas. this is um reporting experience about health popular education diarrhoea prevention held in the settlement in Joaquim Gomes, Alagoas-Brazil, in october 2016. after the settlers be grouped in four phases: first: who we are ? second: what are we doing here? third: situationproblem. what is this disease? room: summarizing os problems. no total 50 people, 22 said they had diarrhea none of the settlements. there was a que the therapeutic itinerary of the settlers in relation to diarrhea, signs its, symptoms, treat at home empirica way teas, rezadeira, healer, basic and poor attention, do not know the other transmission modes diseases why do bad account use / handling of water eo personal hygiene deficit for water scarcity, in water economics, water is not running, the truck kite supplies once for this week settlement.

Popular Education. Diarrhea. Therapeutic itinerary.

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