Article of Global Journal of Case Reports 

To describe the experience of actions of an extension in leprosy control

Ferreira I.K.O1; Pereira G.S2; Freitas G.M3; Silva T.J4; Santos D.C.M5; Ferreira J.S.A6
1,2,3,4Estudante do Curso de Enfermagem-UPE; 5Docente/Orientador do Departamento de Enfermagem–UPE; 6Docente do Departamento de Enfermagem- UPE

The interaction between academia and society, by extension, is promoting social and academic transformations, generating and disseminating knowledge and learning for and with society. To describe the experience of actions of an extension in leprosy control. The activities took place in the municipality of Itapissuma- PE with waste pickers. We conducted a situational analysis of the socioeconomic situation and health of the participants, which provided the planning of activities for the active search for leprosy cases, educational activities, and actions taken in the context of social inclusion. In 2016 they were carried out educational activities in schools. We conducted an active search for new cases of leprosy, worker health on workshops, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hepatitis A and B, and laboratory tests, visit the diagnosed case and awareness campaigns in schools. The participation of nursing students in this type of action contributes to extensive training and committed to improving public health and inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Health Education; Leprosy; Vulnerable Populations

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