Diabetes Mellitus it is a condition that can result from defects secretion and/or insulin action involving specific pathogenic processes. To analyze the profile of registered diabetic patients in the program “Here’s People’s Pharmacy” of a commercial drug store in the municipality of Paraná-RN, checking the type of diabetes mellitus that is more present, the most commonly used drugs and what other diseases are reported. Study applied, descriptive and quantitative and qualitative, with a questionnaire to registered diabetic patients in the program “Here’s People’s Pharmacy” in a drug store located in the city of Paraná- RN. The study sample was 50..

The Circle of Culture is characterized by dialogue, interdisciplinarity and the recovery the learn popular, considering the various subjects in its complexity, emotional, social and cultural, policy. Understand the experience by teenagers, in school, Culture Circles of Leprosy. this study it‟s type descriptive-exploratory study of qualitive approach, realised with teenagers in school 12 to 18 years, against the backdrop of two study State school of Pernambunco: Timbí School, in Camaragibe and School Teacher Leal de Barros, in Recife. The datas were collected between April and June of 2015 by semi-structured interview, using the method of the collective subject discourse. The..

Leprosy is characterized as endemic in Brazil, registering on average 47,000 new cases anually. The alarming number of cases leads to a reflection on the caused consequences not only by their own physical disabilities in the hands, feet and eyes resulting from the involvement of the peripheral nerves, but on the social exclusion suffered by carriers that is a result of disabling and stigmatizing consequences of disease. To analyze the restriction to social participation in people affected by leprosy in the participants of self-care groups in the metropolitan region of Recife. Cross-sectional study with 56 participants of selfcare groups in..

Breathing problems that result in difficulty breathing are common and induce patients to self-medicating with decongestants. To analyze the use of nasal vasoconstrictor topics by scholars of health, identifying the most used and verifying the presence of self-medication. Study applied, descriptive and quantitative and qualitative, with application of questionnaire to students of the School Santa Maria. The population was 1883 students, after passing through simple random probability sampling calculation, the sample was composed of 319 random students in the health field, with a confidence level of 95 % required and maximum error of ± 5 % estimate. Of the participants,..

Tuberculose (TB), doença milenar, infecciosa, crônica, causada pelo bacilo Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Afeta vários órgãos, o mais comum é o pulmão. São mais susceptíveis: Indivíduos desnutridos, etilistas crônicos, presidiários, e/ou com doença imunossupressora. Segundo a Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS), mundialmente em 2014 1,5 milhões de pessoas morreram por tuberculose. No Estado da Paraíba, os municípios prioritários para TB são: João Pessoa, Bayeux, Santa Rita, Campina Grande, Cajazeiras e Patos, necessitando de atenção. Descrever o perfil epidemiológico da tuberculose no Estado da Paraíba, no ano de 2013. Estudo ecológico, descritivo, quantitativo de dados secundários de tuberculose, coletados da base de dados..

Tuberculosis (TB), an age-old, infectious, chronic disease caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacillus. It affects several organs, the most common is the lung. They are most susceptible: malnourished individuals, chronic alcoholics, prisoners, and / or with immunosuppressive disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally in 2014 1.5 million people died of tuberculosis. In the State of Paraíba, the priority municipalities for TB are: João Pessoa, Bayeux, Santa Rita, Campina Grande, Cajazeiras and Patos, needing attention. To describe the epidemiological profile of tuberculosis in the State of Paraíba in 2013. Ecological, descriptive and quantitative study of secondary tuberculosis data..