Leprosy is a stigmatized disease in different cultures, raising thus further physical, psychological and social suffering. Therefore, treatment for such people to be fully considering such aspects. To promote psychosocial assistance to a group of patients, the Self-Care project and to highlight the importance of this treatment. Through a monthly meeting for a year were performed dynamic and wheels talks to establish therapeutic and interventional moments. The project provided comprehensive assistance to a small sample in a UBS, and found a significant improvement of patients when seen in their various perspectives. Showing no clinical complications or relapses. The study revealed..

Suicide is considered a concerning health issue worldwide, accounting for about one million deaths per year and affects mostly older people. In this age group, although other factors, such as alcoholism, it is clear that the manifestations of depression have inseparably linked to the cases of suicide, as quoted by relatives or people nearby. The main purpose was to demonstrate the intrinsic relationship between depression and its manifestations with cases of suicide reported in cases where the object of study is the elderly. This is a literature review made by searching into the database Biblioteca Virtual de Saúde (BVS), Medical..

It is offered tools for the assessment of psychological constructs, such as the personality and its disorders, to Mental Health Professionals. Thus, it is pertinent to analyze which instruments / scales have been constructed and available for clinical use and research. Therefore, this study aimed to consult national and international literature about the instruments for Personality Disorders evaluation. Relevant databases were consulted in the area, and the search was restricted to the last 5 years of publication. It has been observed that, of the 14 instruments found, 2 assessed the TP borderline, 5 assessed the TP Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (two with..

The word therapy means, treatment of a pathology, and for this purpose reiki arises, as a complementary therapy, within a vast field of several other therapies. The objective of this study was to trace an emotional profile of stress and anxiety among children aged 8 to 13 years, who are members of the NGO in the community of Bode. For this, semi-directional and cross-sectional questionnaires were used, which showed a high level of stress and anxiety, but did not reach the exhaustion and severity phase, respectively. Outcome of stress resistance and the moderate level of anxiety were the categories that..

Cardiac diseases interfere in the quality of life of the patient, above all, in conditions to receive indication of cardiac transplantation. Waiting for the transplant, generates psychological repercussions in the patient, who experiences demotivation, feeling of impotence, hopelessness, depression and anxiety. In view of this situation, it is evident the importance of having the presence of the psychologist in the heart transplant team. To report the performance of the psychology trainee in all stages of the follow-up of a heart transplant. Experience report. Given the complexity and diversity of demands, the practice of the psychologist in the context of heart..

O stress pode ser entendido como um conjunto de transformações vivenciadas por um organismo mediante a uma situação ou a exposição a um agente especifico, podendo estar diretamente correlacionado aos aspectos físicos e emocionais. O stress ocupacional ocorre quando o trabalho é executado de forma excessiva acarretando problemas psicossociais, tais como a Síndrome de Burnout, que é uma patologia produzida pelo acúmulo de stress relacionado ao trabalho. Objetivo: identificar as principais causas de stress ocupacional vivenciadas por profissionais e funcionários de uma instituição particular de ensino. descritivo e exploratório com a abordagem quantitativa. A pesquisa foi realizada em uma Instituição..

A esquizofrenia é um grave transtorno mental sendo considerado o maior transtorno do pensamento. Esse transtorno está relacionado aos fatores genéticos e psicossociais e interfere na vida familiar, laboral, afetiva e nos relacionamentos como um todo. A esquizofrenia quando associada a substâncias lícitas ou ilícitas torna o indivíduo incapaz de desenvolver qualquer atividade, devido à falta de controle que o indivíduo tem de si próprio. O presente estudo teve o objetivo de conhecer os fenômenos psicossociais que interferem nos pacientes com o transtorno da esquizofrenia entre usuários de álcool e as interferências nas suas famílias. Esta pesquisa foi de caráter..