Neglected diseases are those caused by infectious agents or parasites and are considered endemic in low-income populations.Transgender women are subject to strong social stigma, with health vulnerability in relation to neglected diseases. The teaching with active methodology emerges as a good health promotion mechanism for that group. This study aims to bring health education through active approach in preventing neglected diseases in transgender women, but also check their knowledge about the prevention and investigate how they are preventing them. This is an account of health education experience through active methodology performed in a theather in October 2016, through health education,..

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory pulmonary disease defined by hyperresponsiveness of air pathways and variable limitation to air flux, which is reversible spontaneously or with treatment. To enlighten many aspects associated with the long-term asthma treatment. This systematic literature review was built from a bibliography research of scientific papers, publications and materials available on the Internet in English and Portuguese. From this research, nine essential themes were identified: β-2 adrenergic agonists, anticholinergics, inhaled corticosteroids, xanthines, monoclonal antibody, immunotherapy, leukotriene receptor antagonists and phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors. Knowledge of long-term asthma treatment is essential for the health professionals involved with this context once..

How to look paragraph os mode setting one understand the meaning of his “occupation” in a place with poor conditions and quality of life particular concern this settlement? this study aims to carry a health popular education diarrhoea prevention, aos settlers to settlement joaquim gomes, alagoas. this is um reporting experience about health popular education diarrhoea prevention held in the settlement in Joaquim Gomes, Alagoas-Brazil, in october 2016. after the settlers be grouped in four phases: first: who we are ? second: what are we doing here? third: situationproblem. what is this disease? room: summarizing os problems. no total 50..

The interaction between academia and society, by extension, is promoting social and academic transformations, generating and disseminating knowledge and learning for and with society. To describe the experience of actions of an extension in leprosy control. The activities took place in the municipality of Itapissuma- PE with waste pickers. We conducted a situational analysis of the socioeconomic situation and health of the participants, which provided the planning of activities for the active search for leprosy cases, educational activities, and actions taken in the context of social inclusion. In 2016 they were carried out educational activities in schools. We conducted an..

Neglected diseases develop more in areas with deficient socioeconomic conditions, the working environment in which sex workers toiled through a routine with intense contact, prolonged, customer turnover, often the work environment in poor sanitary conditions favor contagion, contamination, spread of some neglected diseases. Bring health education through problematical active methodology. Raise awareness of sex Occuptional about neglected diseases. Knowing, as they prevent. This is an action research through an experience report on health education through active methodology performed in a cabaret in Maceió, in October 2016 with 10 sex workers. After sex workers participate in four phases: There a current..