This research is about the reconciliation and reconstruction process in post-war Sri Lanka. Rec-onciliation is a complex process that can rebuild the relationship between major conflicting parties. During the relations between ethnic groups became highly deteriorated. However. the end of civil war largely instigated the need for reconciliation and reconstruction to attain sus-tainable peace and development. Though attempts were made by the previous government to rehabilitate ex-combatants from the direct violence, infrastructural development, resettlement of war-related displacements, they did not ensure the reconciliation of ethnic groups due to several shortcomings in the process. With the regime change in 2015, the..

Communal violence has become a reoccurring event in some parts of the world including Nigeria and there is need for continual search of the underlying factors in safety awareness. Therefore, this present study was aimed to investigate gender and self-esteem as a psychological mechanism that could predict safety awareness among the youth towards. A cross sectional design was employed and a total of 706 participants aged between 18 to 40 years were drawn from Abakaliki in Ebonyi state and Calabar in Cross River state of Nigeria. Data was collected using a Linkert type, self-report measures of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale..

Non-governmental organizations /NGOs/ as LED actors contribute in promotion of education in developing countries. The collaboration and networking in Promoting education between NGOs, the government organs and other actors are not often assessed scientifically. The objective of this study is to assessing the Role of NGOs in Education sector in Hidhabu Abote District the Case of World Vision Ethiopia. To finalize it, the research method employed was descriptive study. Survey questionnaire was used to gather the relevant quantitative data. The qualitative data were gathered through semi-structure interviews, focus group discussion and personal observations. The collected data were descriptively analyzed. WVE,..

From 600 a.C. I had leprosy reports what is now called Hansen’s disease, infectious disease, considered a public health problem caused by Mycobacterium leprae, which reaches the cells of Schwann. Primary care is considered a form of reorientation of health care and consequently an important resource in reducing cases of leprosy. To investigate the national literature the main points addressed in the studies of the past 4 years on leprosy in primary care. Was selected as the method integrative literature review. He had the main question: what has been discussed in Brazilian literature about the disease in primary care in..

Social vulnerability is common to marginalized working classes and specific social groups, such as waste pickers. Plan a comprehensive care to vulnerable populations requires efforts to break the fragmentation of practices and ensuring access of all citizens to health services. This study reports the experience of nursing students in an integrated health action with recyclable material collectors in the city of Itapissuma, Pernambuco. This is an experience report of an integrated health action performed by 06 nursing students in Itapissuma-PE. They examined 24 people, of which one case was diagnosed. health education activities were performed on leprosy, immunization and vector..

The development of strategies to manage the Zika virus epidemic constitutes a challenge for the scientific community. Develop tele-education actions in the field of human communication health with an emphasis on implications stemming from the Zika virus and microcephaly for professionals of the Family Health Strategy and students at the Federal University of Pernambuco. The experience of a set of three web conference seminars is described. The lectures addressed the epidemiology of the Zika virus and microcephaly, speech/hearing therapy, breastfeeding and feeding children with microcephaly. The mean number of connected points was 1.6 per session, with representatives of metropolitan Recife..

Diabetes Mellitus it is a condition that can result from defects secretion and/or insulin action involving specific pathogenic processes. To analyze the profile of registered diabetic patients in the program “Here’s People’s Pharmacy” of a commercial drug store in the municipality of Paraná-RN, checking the type of diabetes mellitus that is more present, the most commonly used drugs and what other diseases are reported. Study applied, descriptive and quantitative and qualitative, with a questionnaire to registered diabetic patients in the program “Here’s People’s Pharmacy” in a drug store located in the city of Paraná-RN. The study sample was 50 people…

It is offered tools for the assessment of psychological constructs, such as the personality and its disorders, to Mental Health Professionals. Thus, it is pertinent to analyze which instruments / scales have been constructed and available for clinical use and research. Therefore, this study aimed to consult national and international literature about the instruments for Personality Disorders evaluation. Relevant databases were consulted in the area, and the search was restricted to the last 5 years of publication. It has been observed that, of the 14 instruments found, 2 assessed the TP borderline, 5 assessed the TP Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (two with..

Breastfeeding is internationally promoted as the ideal method of infant nutrition due to its numerous benefits to mothers, children, and communities. To enlighten the benefits of breastfeeding and to investigate the influence of breastfeeding preparation and techniques on the frequencies of exclusive breastfeeding. This systematic literature review was built from a bibliography research of scientific papers, publications and materials available on the Internet in English and Portuguese. From this research, four essencial themes were identified: benefits of breastfeeding, clinical management of breastfeeding, breastfeeding preparation and techniques, pain and discomfort in the practice of breastfeeding and nipple trauma. In the end,..

Oral mucositis is a sequel of citoredutivo treatment induced by radiotherapy and / or chemotherapy, with signs and symptoms ranging from pain, swelling and burning sensation, to ulcerations in the oral mucosa. The nursig staff shoud be able to offer therapies that give the patient better quality of life, once because the professionals devolps closer contact with the patient and family. To analyze the scientific evidences about nursing assistence in the management of oral mucositis in oncology patientes. Integrative Review in databases LILACS, Scopus, SciELO, LILACS and BDENF with complete articles published in the last 10 years, in Portuguese, English..