Article of Basic and Applied Research  

The Protection Strategies of User Privacy in Cloud Computing

Shaohui Zhang
School of Network Engineering, Zhoukou Normal University, Zhoukou 466001, China

Cloud computing attracts a large number of users by its good scalability, low cost, on-demand payment and other advantages, but due to the related technology is not mature enough, imperfect legal supervision and so on, the privacy and security problems of cloud computing are serious at present. This paper proposes a privacy data protection model based on the analysis of the security and privacy problems in cloud computing, which classifies data into private data and non-private data according to the privacy attributes of data, and considers encryption, decryption technology and data partitioning technology to protect privacy data in data transmission and data storage. Experiments indicate that this model can improve the security of privacy data to a certain degree.

Cloud Computing; Privacy Security; Encryption; Decryption; Data Block

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