Article of Advances in Oncology Research 


Mendonça, K.G1 Brandão, M.T1 Cedrim, M.R2 Anjos, F.B.R3 Ferreira Neto, J4. Jimenez, G.C4 Bastos, D.M.S4
1Estudante do Curso de Biomedicina; 2Docente/Pesquisador do CESMAC; 3Docente/Pesquisador da UFPE,4Docente/Pesquisador da UFRPE.

In a large part of the population, pap smears are still the primary tool for screening cervical lesions. Cancer of the cervix is the third most frequent tumor in the female population. This study aims to make a survey about the performance of the examination in postpartum women, as well as to identify the profile of the incidence of this information pathology and the importance of the Pap smear for women's health in relation to prevention and their Consequences. Between September and November, the study evaluated the incidence profile of the Pap smear test in the city of Recife in women aged 16-35 years, identifying the periodicity of the test. Of the women who had done the exam, 75 % did so at the intersection of 1 to 3 years, this percentage should not be considered alarming if compared to the number of pregnant women in the research, but there is a need to return the attention to these Women of childbearing age. The interviewees commented on the difficulties of access to hospital networks because of distance, also for socioeconomic and cultural reasons.

Cervical Cancer; Papanicolau Exam; Postpartum women; Women's Health

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