Article of Advances in Oncology Research 

Biofeedback as an Alternative for Pain Treatment in Cancer Patients

Silva, E.A.D1; Silva, M.V.D2; Melo, C.L3; Silva, N.R.4; Maia, C.S5.
,2,3,4Discente do Curso de Medicina – UFPE; 5Docente/Pesquisador do Departamento de Histologia e Embriologia – UFPE.

Cancer is a disease with a high mortality rate worldwide. In Brazil, cancer is currently the second leading cause of death. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers pain associated with neoplasias as a global medical emergency, since the experience of pain is the most frequently reported symptom and the management of this symptom based on pharmacology has limitations, biofeedback arises as an alternative to pharmacological treatment of cancer patients. To expose biofeedback as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of cancer pain. 11 publications were selected published between 2012 and 2016, located through the DeCS: "Biofeedback", "Cancer", "Treatment", "Pain". Biofeedback associated with cognitive/behavioral treatment exhibits positive results in lung cancer patients, decreasing pain levels and improving quality of life. It also influences advanced cancer patients through electromyography (EMG), stress levels, respiration and heart rate, as well as being a tool in mind/body treatment with neurofeedback. Biofeedback is a new and highly promising tool. The results obtained are positive, but there is a need for further studies.

Alternative Treatment; Biofeedback; Cancer; Pain

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