Article of Advances in Oncology Research 

The Mandala of Knowledge: a New Meaning to the Life of the Person with Cancer

Araújo, W.J.S1; Lima, A.L.F2; Vieira, E.N3; Barbosa, M.S.A4; Silva, J.C.P5;Nascimento, K.C6
1Fisioterapeuta da Associação Pestalozzi de Maceió, Enfermeiro, Mestrando Enfermagem pela UFPE, 2Biólogo, Enfermeiro, Docente Uninassau, 3Discente do Curso de Enfermagem Uninassau, 4Enfermeira do Trabalho TRT 19º Região, Mestra UFAL, 4Docente Estácio Fal, 5Discente do Curso de Enfermagem Uninassau, 6Orientadora, Mestranda em Ergonomia UFPE, Docente Uninassau.

Throughout Brazilian history, cancer has been seen in several ways. From malignant and incurable tumor to neoplasm, from individual tragedy to public health problem. According to the World Health Organization, it is possible to report that 8.8 million people die each year from cancer, mostly in low- and middle-income countries. To awaken through the mandala of knowledge a new meaning to the life of the person with cancer. This report is descriptive and interventional through the Knowledge Mandala in the waiting room of an oncology clinic that treats people with Cancer people in Maceió / AL. The activity was divided into stages so that participants in the knowledge mandala could analyze in detail the procedures of the dynamics regarding a new meaning for their lives. The use of the knowledge mandala pointed out the need for cancer patients to express themselves and to expose their anguish in the face of the treatment of this disease, which is often considered as lethal.

Cancer; Oncology; Nursing

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