Article of American Journal of Social Research 

Sri Lankan Reconstruction and Reconciliation A Special Reference to Northern Province

Miss: K: Jashmiya

This research is about the reconciliation and reconstruction process in post-war Sri Lanka. Rec-onciliation is a complex process that can rebuild the relationship between major conflicting parties. During the relations between ethnic groups became highly deteriorated. However. the end of civil war largely instigated the need for reconciliation and reconstruction to attain sus-tainable peace and development. Though attempts were made by the previous government to rehabilitate ex-combatants from the direct violence, infrastructural development, resettlement of war-related displacements, they did not ensure the reconciliation of ethnic groups due to several shortcomings in the process. With the regime change in 2015, the so-called ‘good gov-ernance' regime has initiated several measures to strengthen post-war democracy, development, and reconciliation. release of lands in the Northern Province, investigating the missed person-als, rehabilitation of war crimes, the formation of Reconciliation Task Forces, the discussions on a new constitution, radiuses the military forces, road, and railway development are some of those measures introduced expected to strengthen reconciliation and reconstruction process. Though the present government has taken the above masseurs about reconciliation and devel-opment this study argues the current development and reconciliation process and achievements. The study adopted a qualitative approach to collect data, particularly through a semi-structured interview, focus group discussions and observations.

Post-war Ethnic Reconciliation, Postwar Reconstruction, Sri Lanka.

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