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The Experience and Exploration of Young University Teachers Training Abroad

Jianhang Yu
With the development of economic globalization, the requirement of "double first-class" construction has made the importance of the international development of university faculty particularly prominent, and the training of young university teachers abroad is one of the very important development paths. The article expounds the significance of foreign training of young teachers in universities and existing models, analyzes the problems faced, and proposes the next step of exploration.

To investigate the national literature the main points addressed in the studies of the past 4 years on leprosy in primary care

Jales, R.D1 Oliveira K.S.M2 Nunes C.E.M3 Guerra, I.F.A.C4 Azevedo T.E.S.S5 Carvalho, F.P.B6
From 600 a.C. I had leprosy reports what is now called Hansen's disease, infectious disease, considered a public health problem caused by Mycobacterium leprae, which reaches the cells of Schwann. Primary care is considered a form of reorientation of health care and consequently an important resource in reducing cases of leprosy. To investigate the national literature the main points addressed in the studies of the past 4 years on leprosy in primary care. Was selected as the method integrative literature review. He had the main question: what has been discussed in Brazilian literature about the disease in primary care in the last 4 years? To obtain the sample were crossed descriptors: leprosy, knowledge and primary care, with the Boolean AND operator. After the reading of selected articles was identified two categories: "epidemiological characteristics and factors contributing to the prevalence of leprosy" and "stigma caused by leprosy and possible solutions to eliminate it." It is necessary that health professionals to return attention to this disease, because the performance of the same in health promotion, prevention and treatment of disease, is an important factor in reducing the incidence rate.

An integrated health action with recyclable material collectors in the city of Itapissuma, Pernambuco

Loiola, A.M.A1; Pereira, I.K.O2; Ribeiro, L.L3; Nascimento, R.D.4; Santos, D.C.M5; Ferreira, J.S.A6
Social vulnerability is common to marginalized working classes and specific social groups, such as waste pickers. Plan a comprehensive care to vulnerable populations requires efforts to break the fragmentation of practices and ensuring access of all citizens to health services. This study reports the experience of nursing students in an integrated health action with recyclable material collectors in the city of Itapissuma, Pernambuco. This is an experience report of an integrated health action performed by 06 nursing students in Itapissuma-PE. They examined 24 people, of which one case was diagnosed. health education activities were performed on leprosy, immunization and vector diseases. It was made rapid test anti-HIV immunization against influenza, diphtheria and tetanus, and prophylaxis geohelmintíases. For a comprehensive care and equal the most vulnerable groups should seek to know and minimize the social factors that determine your illness.

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1. Avinaba Mukherjee, Sourav Sikdar, Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh. Evaluation of ameliorative potential of isolated flavonol fractions from Thuja occidentalis in lung cancer cells and in Benzo(a) pyrene induced lung toxicity in mice. International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, 2016; 1(1): 0001-0013.

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